storytelling workshops

I teach storytelling workshops in Hamilton for non-profit organizations and community groups . I have worked with the Immigrant Working Centre, Art Forms Youth Studio, North Hamilton Community Health Centre and Good Shepherd Women’s Services.

I am a volunteer for and co-founder of Steel City Stories, an event series and not for profit organization that provides an inclusive platform for Hamiltonians to share stories from their own lives. The series includes 4-5 storytelling events throughout the year, planned around different themes.

Currently I’m teaching a storytelling workshop series for women in a partnership with Good Shepherd Women’s Services, generously supported by the Hamilton Community Foundation.

For more information about storytelling workshops, please contact me here.


  • “A great boost to my self-esteem.”
  • “The most beneficial aspect was being in a supportive environment and working with encouraging women and the facilitator.”
  • “I learned how everyone’s story is important. Watching the courage it took to share. Pushing my own boundaries. Learning that it’s not just about the quality of the craft, but the sharing itself.”
  • “[It was important to me] to say what needed to be said in my own voice.”
  • “I enjoyed meeting a new group of women in my community. I might not otherwise have met them in my every day routines. Learning about other women’s lives was a real benefit.”
  • “I loved seeing storytelling elements and skills evolve into a final project. Understand the process and my experiences very well post-performance. I feel very good about things after performing.”
  • “This helped me give myself ‘an extra push’ to go beyond my comfort zone. It felt really good learning to further trust myself and others by telling a personal story without worrying so much about judgment.”
  • “I had natural nervousness at performance – apprehension in participating/believing I had something to tell! BUT the program helped me work through this!
  • “There was great camaraderie and support from fellow participants and facilitators. Happy to have met such lovely people and hear their stories!”


We work together in an inclusive space to create, develop, workshop and practice stories. No experience is required.

Activities and exercises in class focus on developing a narrative, connecting with an audience, dramatizing scenes, delving into a story’s meaning, and using techniques to enhance your listeners’ experience.

Community groups One day workshops to explore storytelling or 7-week workshop series to craft a personal story
Geared towards performance or for personal expression
Non-profit storytelling Work with staff and/or clients to develop stories that communicate the value of your organization’s work
Record stories for your website, or prepare a performance for an AGM or fundraising event
Schools In-class programs where students can create and craft personal stories, while developing critical thinking skills and fulfilling curriculum expectations
One-on-one Work with me to craft your story, develop content and improve technique